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Let's Talk About Growing Up

The Autism Grown Up community connects autistic individuals, families, and professionals across the spectrum and lifespan to get real about what’s working–and what’s not.

We trade notes on day-to-day strategies, resources, adult services, job prep, and independent living. We share what’s happening behind the scenes and talk honestly about the ups & downs.

When you join us, you get access to honest, ongoing discussions about the inner workings of the autism community.

You Belong Here   

Our community is a mix of autistic adults, parents, siblings, caregivers, family members, teachers, and professionals. 

One of the strengths of our network is the diversity of experience and perspective you can draw on whenever you want support.

Dedicated Conversation Space

The Autism Grown Up community is a private space, just for members of the autism community, online. It’s a distraction-free home for all your autism conversations.

Sure, there’s some watercooler conversation (we like to have fun, too). But you won’t see your college roommate’s baby pics or your angry uncle’s rants here.

Collaborative Learning

We’re a community of experience–not experts. Our goal is to learn together.

We host community roundtables to encourage conversation and invite new ideas into our space.

Intentional Networking

We love to watch how our members connect. We’ve seen alliances formed, joint ventures launched, and friendships formed.

Our members host book clubs, make virtual coffee dates, and meet up in their local areas.

✔️ We connect you with a network of hundreds of autistic individuals, families, and professionals while giving you the tools you need to get answers fast.

✔️ We host live virtual events and just-in-time learning so you can spot problems before they start with the support of others.

✔️ We provide concierge service so you don’t have to dig through piles of resources to find what you’re looking for or get lost asking for support.

✔️ We showcase the experiences, expertise, and insights of our members (you’re next) so you can take advantage of our collective brilliance as a community.

Whether you need ideas for creating something in your community, want feedback on something new you're trying, need help with independence skills, or want to vent about a frustrating service experience, we’re there for you.

What's Inside?

🖥 Blog articles on topics related to autism and growing up

🎧 Podcast episodes from the Autism Grown Up podcast, sharing stories and strategies about autism and growing up.

📆 Weekly recap of posts for the week - including your wins!

📚 Research roundups of topics important to you and the autism community. There are always new studies focused on autism and growing up.

💁🏻‍♀️ Conversations with others within the community - all of you brilliant folks.

💃🏼 Anyone can comment, share, and jump into the conversation, provided that it is respectful of the person and this space.

“I created The Autism Grown Up Community to be a sane and practical home base for autistic adults, families, and professionals. If you want to connect with generous, open, and honest people who truly want to see you succeed, this is the place to be.”

Dr. Tara Regan
Founder of Autism Grown Up

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